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Critics Associated: New Images from Independent Drama ‘Sweetboy’

New images have been released by Anthony Vander’s production company, Distortion Entertainment, for the upcoming independent feature, Sweetboy, offering an insight into the protagonist and his various relationships, plutonic, and more often, not.

Written by Joe Harvey, the neo-noir urban drama is the feature-length debut from Vander, who directed and produced the film, as well as starred as the eponymous Sweetboy. ‘Sweetboy’ is the enigmatic, brash, silver-tongued alter-ego of Ryan, whose ‘drinks with the boys’ are a ruse for seeing one of his various mistresses. Off goes the wedding ring and on comes the charm. His string of affairs is part and parcel of his distorted take on ‘carpe diem’.  Sweetboy’s lifestyle is one of a man destined to fall, and his risky game is exposed when of his girlfriends discovers the extent of his philandering ways. He finds himself with his back to the wall when the girls serve him with a money or murder ultimatum. Forced to examine his lifestyle and relationships, Ryan evaluates the misguided ethics of Sweetboy, and the hurt he has caused. He loves his wife and wants to become the husband she deserves, yet he knows that the truth will compromise any promises he could make. As he seeks redemption within himself, he is consumed by an unforgiving chain of events as power struggles build to a potentially tragic crescendo.

Whose motivations are being best cared for?

Juxtaposing the claustrophobic, temptation-ridden urban environment with scenic, open shots of the countryside, Sweetboy boasts rich, powerful, and meticulous cinematography to reflect the twisting pace of the narrative and compelling performances.

Intimate, unflinching, and bleakly comic, Sweetboy is the first film in a trilogy linked by their use of antiheroes. Vander and Harvey are currently collaborating on their second effort, Hooligan, a feature-length remake of Vander’s short film which was selected for the Short Film Corner at Festival De Cannes 2012.

Currently in post-production, Sweetboy is set for a winter release. Keep up with the progress of the film, including director’s diary and behind the scenes images, at http://sweetboymovie.blogspot.co.uk/, follow on Twitter and Facebook, and check out the film’s website, http://www.ifhecheats.com/.

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