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Anniwaa Buachie interview

​Anthony Vander talks to Anniwaa about her career thus far. Curious to know her inspirations and also her decision to relocate to Los Angeles, we discover her thoughts on being cast in the role of Alex in The Tutor.
How did you get into acting?
I can’t actually remember when it all began. I mean, as the youngest out of 4 I was always so animated, so lively as a child, I always felt left out and as a classic youngest child, would make up speeches, songs, stories and dances, constantly bothering my older brothers and sister fighting for their attention, for their reaction to the drama I created. I was a very inquisitive and bold child! My mother thought it would be best for me to utilise my energy into dance. So at 6 years old I got a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dance, where I trained as a ballet dancer, however I couldn’t stand the fact that as a dancer you do not talk!  So I guess the rest is history from that point, I mean how do you go back? When you enjoy provoking a reaction, portraying a different life to your own, it’s addictive that need to delve into another world, you know.


Who and what are your inspirations?
I am inspired by people, who despite all the odds, strive towards achieving what they want. There are so many people that inspire me, it’s hard for me to list all of them. At the moment I would say I am inspired by Viola Davis, I adore her! Her journey is very interesting, were she started from and where she is now are two completely different worlds. There have been so many points in my life when people I have said to me that I am unable to do something because, I look certain way or I do not come from the right ‘financial’ background, when I look at Viola, when I think of her journey it brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy because it proves that you are only as good as what you believe yourself to be. Viola kept on believing, kept on going, kept pushing and look where she is now!
I watched this film (Carol) and that film seems to inspire me of late as it’s just a beautiful film, but also the kids I teach inspire me. Inspiration exists in any given space and time….okay lets talk about your first couple of thoughts when you read the tutor. Do you feel any connection or relation to any of the characters just off the first read of the tutor?
I adore the script. It is fantastic and captures my heart. I love the fact that the Tutor has parallels between a struggling artists trying to nurture her career and a struggling parent trying to nurture his child.So in some way I can relate to both Dan and Alex..I mean I do not have a baby, but I mean it’s hard to be in a position where all you want to do is perform and you are so dedicated to your career, because it isolates you in a way. You are on this journey striving for perfection but miss, forget or try to avoid the moments of disaster, the moments of despair……but those are the moment when the best things happen!  When you are at your most vunerable state that’s when you are most likely to break out of your loneliness and connect. I think that’s apparent with Alex, Junior and Dan in the Tutor/
My company motto is “distort reality creatively”. What I mean in that is that you have to alter your circumstances through smart risks, creativity and hard work. You have done that through your move from UK to LA. Can you talk a bit about that move, and what effect it has had on you?
​Oh wow….where do I start. Well I have been planning to move to LA since you have know Anthony! lol. Well, I adore London, it’s the city I grew up in, the city that shaped me to be the individual I am today. However working as an actor in London for a number of years, I felt that the work I was gaining access to, was not challenging me enough as an actress. After years of hustling knocking on doors in London only to  see the room through a key hole, I felt my work and my life began to be stagnant, which is a dangerous predicament for a creative person. I knew I wanted to develop my career into more TV and film and I knew that I wanted to climb the ladder fast after years of honing my craft on the London stage. So I decided to throw myself in the Lion’s Den of LA and wow! What an adventure! I feel that as a British actor a non- American Citizen, you really push yourself. You have something to prove to yourself, I constantly find myself missing my friends and family which motivates me whilst I’m in the US. Moving to LA is a huge investment, emotionally, spiritually, financially….however there is so much happening all the time, great roles and feature films are at your finger tips so you need to be on your A game, every day…there is no time for slacking! So the move has definitely made me even more hungry, even more ambitious and even more proud to be British as it is inspirational to see so many of my peers do so well in American dramas but also sad, as so many of us have had to leave UK shores to access more diverse roles!
My plans are to shoot this film in April 2016 (pending we get the funding which i believe we will). Patience along with learning through failure is such an important part of growth. Would you say your a patient person, and also what moments have helped with your growth as an artist?
​I am a very impatient individual lol! I just wrote a blog about that Ha! Its here if you want to check it out:  However I am working on this! lol. Being an impatient person, I always need to find ways to centre myself, to not allow my frustration ​
my impatience to dent my development. One way of curbing my impatience and developing my growth as an artist is mentoring children and young people. I enjoy working on outreach projects, because you constantly revisit and see thing afresh through another person eyes. I suppose it’s like having a baby. We are so use to knowing that the grass is green and the sky is blue, but for a baby seeing these things for the first time, is so fascinating to them. Coaching  is similar , it allows me to be present in the moment, humble myself and be patient!
Thank you for you answers and see you soon. I really look forward to working with you.
The Tutor stars Stephan Bakic as Junior, Anniwaa Buachie as Alex, and John Terence as Dan.

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