July 16, 2018 avander

An Interview with Jade Abode, Star of Housemates

Housemates is about 3 young adults living together. Who are not just friends but a lot like family. The series follows their day to day lives and a typical day for each of them. My character Ashley is an art dealer. She’s young and strong and trying to have a love life, in this new technological world of Tinder and online dating.

What did you draw upon to bring your character to life, and how much Jade Abode can we find in Ashley, really?

I’m quite a strong and confident women and so is Ashley. So I drew on that. I wanted to make Ashley come across as independent and strong, but also show her vulnerable side with her reaction to her struggles with online dating. We are different though as I am not as opinionated on men as she is, but I could relate as I have heard a lot of stories about my friends’ experiences with online dating.

To what extent could you identify with the subject matter of Housemates on a personal level, and do you have any wild housemate stories of your own?

I think as a young millennial growing up in London it is hard to define our culture. Myself and a lot of people my age with African families sometimes have a hard time fully identifying themselves in terms of culture. As here in England I would identify as as African and celebrate my African culture. When someone asks me where I am from I will always refer to my heritage (Nigeria, Ghana and England) and not say I am simply ‘British’. However, when visiting Africa I am clearly seen as an English girl and not seen as an African. So it’s difficult to feel fully accepted by either culture. In England we are seen as African, in Africa we are seen as English. So there is not a place where we can fully belong.

However, I do feel as though as we become 3rd and 4th generation British citizens we are creating our own culture of Black African British people.

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