January 10, 2019 avander

Screen Nation Digital iS Media Awards

Housemates has been nominated for three Screen Nation Digital iS Media Awards. The first season of our web series premiered on YouTube in June 2018 to great viewing figures and rave reviews. 

Housemates is the new show from award-winning actor and filmmaker Anthony Vander, that explores themes of relationships, education and cultural identity, during a day in the life of three best friends, Ashley, Leon and Kwame. Charming, insightful and relatable, Housemates is a reminder that our friends are sometimes the best reflection of who we are.

The Screen Nation Digital iS Media Awards  is a competitive excellence platform that showcases the best work being published online made by black British and international digital media creatives and public across short films, web series, blogs, magazines, social networks, apps, social media and more.

The Digital-iS Media Awards is an annual online awards covering up to 16 categories themed under digital publishing, entertainment and culture.

This purely online event highlights a new born media maker that can simply wake up write, cast and fund a project online, record & edit with a mobile device, launch a YouTube channel to distribute the work, and design a blog to start publicizing it to find an audience via any one of a number of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and more. Read more https://screennation.com/digital-is-media-awards/