March 2, 2019 avander

Spar preview screening at S.O.U.L. connect

Spar had its first ever preview screening in London last month as it was selected for S.O.U.L. Connect at The British Film Institute. Spar is Distortion Entertainment’s second short film following the 2011 short Hooligan.

Spar tells the story of Isabel, an amateur boxer, who is training for the day in a London gym while her usual facility is under construction. During her training Isabel struggles to find sparring. From the cardio to the sprints, Spar encapsulates the day to day routine of a fighter.

S.O.U.L.’s work will be to discover what will really help the ethnic communities to build and maintain careers in the British film and TV industries and make those things happen. S.O.U.L. is working to improve the representation of our communities both in front of and behind the camera and will focus on practical, measurable change.

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