March 26th saw the online release of the eagerly awaited short film Spar on MYM {Million Youth Media}, one of the fastest growing independent youth-platforms in the UK. Spar is Distortion Entertainment’s second short film following the 2011 short Hooligan.





Distortion Entertainment has been present at over four major film festivals including Cannes, Venice and Berlin. We have produced theatre, film and industry led workshops. We believe in producing risk taking independent films and also to be bold and fearless in our productions. We  believe in working and showcasing up and coming diverse talent.

Distortion Entertainment was formed in 2009 by award nominated director actor and producer Anthony Vander. Anthony has just finished directing his third short film ‘Fading’, a female led drama about a young woman’s battle to overcome a brutal attack; as her attacker seeks a path to redemption. The short is due to start its festival run in the fall of 2020.

Anthony has clocked up an impressive list of acting/writing and directing credits in just a few short years!
 – Digital Filmmaker Magazine

In 2012 our debut short film ‘Hooligan’ was selected for The Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival. In 2014 our debut feature film ‘Sweetboy’ had its premiere at The British Film Institute and World Premiere at The American Black Film Festival (Official Selection). Throughout 2016 and 2017 ‘Sweetboy’ was broadcast on television channel London Live.

In February 2017 we released our show ‘Casting Directors’, a mockumentary comedy web series based around the world of auditions and casting. In April 2017 we wrapped production on our 100 percent crowdfunded feature film ‘Scales’ , directed by award winning filmmaker Nathan Hannawin. In 2019 Distortion Entertainment’s second web series ‘Housemates’ was nominated for three Screen Nation Digital is Media Awards. In 2019 our second short film ‘Spar’ screened at festivals including S.O.U.L Connect and The Miami Independent Film Festival. 


  • Tackling new and thoughtful subject matter, the young filmmaker displays signs of much growth in a very short period.

    The British Blacklist
  • Anthony has clocked up an impressive list of acting/writing and directing credits in the theatre over just a few short year. 

    Digital Filmmaker Magazine